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Patient Testimonials in Shelby Township


"I am very satisfied with the choices I made in securing a new dentist. (Trivial . . . Your bathroom is the best smelling of any I have ever used. That includes those in individual homes. Amazing!) Thank you so much for a wonderful experience each time I visit. (And that is not always an easy thing to say.)"

- Diane K.

It is a pleasure be a patient of Dr. Dziurgot. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

- Kelly R.

I always walk away thinking, I love that place. You are all so friendly and make it easy to like being there. You remember your patients and that makes it feel so much more personable. Stephanie was wonderful!! This was my first time with her and she was fantastic -- absolutely fantastic! Dana was also great, she always answers my questions with regards to ANYthing I ask and I appreciate the time she takes for me.

- Kristin B.

Dana was very accommodating to working around our family’s schedule; Linda and Dr. Dziurgot were very informative and professional as always – Thank you!

-Kim D.

A complement on how well both the dentist and the assistants make comments about the procedure so that the patient has a good idea of what is going on in their mouth. Kelly does an excellent job…as does most of the staff I have come in contact with.

-Dave F.

I have nothing but great things to say about this office and staff. They understand that I’m not just a patient, but a customer. The care has been great, but it’s not often that you see an entire office/company so focused on creating a positive all-around customer experience.

-Larry E.

I definitely have no issues or concern but I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. I’ll be honest to say that I chose you guys out of the yellow pages and that was the best decision I could have ever made. The entire staff is amazing, very friendly and professional every time I come into the office. I work downtown Detroit and always need late appointments and you guys always make me it so easy for me. I truly recommend MC Dental Care to anyone and everyone I know, you guys are great. I wish I could multiply your staff for my vision/PCP and any other doctor office I have to ever go to. Thank you and I look forward to many years of being a patient at MC Dental Care.

-Tina G.

About as good an experience as a tooth extraction can be. Thanks!

-Randy M.

I would recommend MC Dental Care to everyone…I have! It is the best dentist office and dentist I have ever had.

-Irene M.

I have been to many dental offices over the years, but never felt the way I do from the moment I walk in yours. The staff (all of them) have such kind, caring and wonderful personalities. I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Michelle Dziurgot. The work she has done for me has been excellent and she kept me feeling very comfortable while it was being done.

-DeAnn J.

I have never had any issues or concerns with MC Dental Care. It is unlike any dentist office that I have ever been to, and I actually look forward to return visits. With each visit, I receive a personal level of care that is very rewarding. I’m always greeted by name and every member of the office is extremely friendly.

-Frank L.

Amber does a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. I’m very pleased!

-Char L.

I love my Dental Hygienist!

-Bert W.

I have always been nervous going to the dentist. I no longer have any fear of going to the dentist. I love that your practice is so modern and up to date. I love the doctor. She is the best!

-Laurie B.

No issues or concerns, only compliments to everyone I encounter in the office. Very caring and personable staff and always a pleasant experience. I no longer procrastinate going to the dentist as I have in the past. I am glad I was referred.

-Sandy S.

Everyone is very pleasant and cordial; great customer service; you make people feel at ease during the visit. Keep up the good work!

-Stu A.

Thank you so much for your help! I have had many different dentists over the years; and I have only ever had one dentist that I liked, but he was a substitute dentist and so I only had him once. I really, though, enjoyed my experience at your dental office and am very to finally have found another dentist that I like. Thanks again!


For your team, thanks for brightening my smile and my day!

-Kris L.

I wish to thank Kelly for her expertise, She was the third person to adjust my partial. It took her skill and patience to get the fit correct. She took extra time and effort to do the job right.

-James O.

I have needed some cosmetic work done on my front teeth for some time and not until Dr. Dziurgot did I have enough confidence in a dentist to have it done.


Michelle C. Dziurgot, DDS and staff really care about their patients. I travel over 30 miles to the office. That has to say something in itself. Thanks to all and keep up the great work.

-Amy K.

Dr Dziurgot has been extremely generous and helpful. I lost my dental insurance and Dr. Dziurgot was willing to work with me so that I could keep my teeth and gums healthy. If it were not for Dr. Dziurgot I might not be here. She is the one who let me know I have high blood pressure. The doctor said she is a good dentist because of checking the blood pressure on a routine exam. Dr Dziurgot and her staff are always patient and friendly. Thank you for all being so caring.


To all who have any doubts?? Well here you wont!!! Dr. Dziurgot and team are great!!! After having a bad experience with my last dentist, the last 4-5 years I basically let myself go and with Dr. Dziurgot’s expertise and care I have restored my faith in dentistry!!! Dr. D you saved me!!! Thanks.


You must either be a great dentist or sprinkled pixie dust on my tooth socket. In spite of all of the digging, pulling, and "drill, baby drill" activity, I had so little pain it was unbelieveable. When I got home and settled, I took a single pill figuring when to deadening wore off, it would hurt. That was the only pain pill of any type I've taken since then. I had little to no swelling and basically no pill. So, great dentist is my thought! Thanks for a good job.

-Dave F.

Service and facility are outstanding!


Your office operation is by far the best I have ever experienced. I have recommended your practice to others and hope they follow through. Keep up the great work.


My daughter recommended Dr. Dziurgot to me and even though it is approximately a 1 1/2 hour drive for me, I am happy to have her for my dentist here in Michigan. It is certainly worth the drive to see her and her staff.


As usual you and your staff "Wowed" me with your service.


Always very professional and friendly. Like family.


Stephanie is a great asset to your office! Very personable, nice and just a joy to be around.


Felt very good about experience.


I'm four years old, so I just don't want it to hurt. You did a good job at keeping me pretty calm. I got a balloon and cool prizes, too. I also got my picture on the no-cavity board. Can't wait to go back.


Service is always outstanding!


I have total confidence in the quality of all care I receive and profound appreciation for the professionalism of the entire staff


Very professional, with excellent feedback from the whole team on my options without being pushy.


Dr. Dziurgot is my favorite dentist that I have ever had!


After my tooth chipped Monday, I could not have been more pleased with how quickly I was able to be seen and how efficiently my problem was dealt with. I really appreciate Dr. Dziurgot's effort to see me quickly, get a temporary crown on, and ensure that I did not feel any pain during my procedure.


I am always satisfied with the quality of care that Dr. Dziurgot provides to all her patients. But in addition, she is one of the most caring and honest people I know.

-Satish S.

Thank you all very much for your patience and understanding...plan to stay with MCDental through the years. Looking forward to happy, healthy smiles!


Dr. Dziurgot, you always make me feel safe in that chair, thanks you are the best!